Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell?

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit has been working less efficiently? Are you noticing a strange, odd smell whenever you turn it on? This is a common problem with AC’s, but fortunately, it is a problem that can be fixed. With the help of our Palm Springs air conditioner repair technicians, we can help you identify the sources of odor coming from your AC, and work to fix it right away.

Common Causes Bad Smells Coming From Your AC

The two most prevalent smells that come from air conditioning units are the “dirty sock” smell, which is bacteria and is often caused by mildew or mold, and the "rotten egg" smell. The cool, moist environment in combination with dust or dirt in the system is what promotes mold growth, which can lead to the first, and the second is caused when a vermin, a rodent, or another pest has died in your air conditioning system.

Your air conditioner can develop a musty, "gym-sock" if:

  • A dirty evaporator coil can lead to the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Mold can grow or become attached to the air ducts of your AC.
  • The condensate drain line becomes clogged.

The key signs that an animal died in your AC include:

  • The odor becomes intense and even overwhelming as you approach the AC or the vents.
  • You have noticed droppings, hair, etc. nearby or in the ductwork.
  • You have heard little critters running around in the air ducts before you noticed the smell.

Pest problems can get out of control very quickly. First, we urge you to contact a professional pest control company to have the animal removed as well as locate any major pest issues before they worsen. Secondly, our Palm Springs air conditioning technicians can help you make sure that the unit is working properly and efficiently once the animal is removed and pest problem is under control.

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