Do You Know What Your Baby is Breathing In?

Baby Laying on Stomach

As a parent, you take great pride and responsibility in caring for your children. This means you’ll do just about anything for them, especially when it comes to protecting their health and safety. While you might take extra precautions for things like disinfecting surfaces and making sure your home is clean to minimize the chances of an illness, most people make the huge mistake of ignoring the air they breathe. What you may not realize is the air around you can contain hazards like dust, mold spores, pollen, and even airborne bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illnesses, especially in young children whose immune systems haven’t fully developed.

However, rest assured there are solutions available that protect you and your family from these invisible, airborne dangers, and they can be installed by a Palm Springs heating and air conditioning professional from Blair Heating & Air!

Duct Cleaning

Do you know how dirty your ducts are? Over years of usage, dirt, dust, mold, and other bits can become trapped on your duct walls, where it can be pushed back into your home. Not to mention mold can grow and spread, causing foul smells and even illnesses in your home. A duct cleaning service can eliminate this issue, ensuring the air flows with maximum efficiency and years of dust aren’t being recirculated into your air.

Quality Filters

The importance of your air filter cannot be understated, and yet many homeowners don’t have the right filter for their system, or don’t replace it nearly often enough. A high-quality replacement filter can not only improve your system’s energy-efficiency and effectiveness, but it can also remove more airborne hazards than an old, dirty filter. If you’re suffering from bad air, this can provide you with an immediate, noticeable improvement in quality.

Air Scrubbers

Indoor air can be even more unhealthy than the air outside—in fact, the EPA estimates that indoor air can be between two and five times more polluted than outdoor air. Air scrubbers can help solve this problem. An air scrubber can trap dust, eliminate pollen, and get rid of mold spores before they can become a danger that affects you and your family. In fact, if you suffer from serious allergies or asthma, an air scrubber can make a noticeable improvement in the quality of your life at home.

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