Obtain Perfectly Precise Comfort & Energy Efficiency with the Lennox XC25

Lennox Air Conditioner Review

For residents of the Coachella Valley, summer likely makes them wince at the pain their wallet is about to endure when it comes to keeping them and their home cool. Triple-digit temperatures are standard fare, and that means it’s important to make sure your home is equipped with an air conditioner that can keep up with your demands. It also means that even small inefficiencies can add up, costing you hundreds of extra dollars in utility bills each year.

If you’re looking for a way to save, then replacing your old, outdated system with a new, energy-efficient one is a great place to start. Here at Blair Heating & Air, we strongly recommend the Lennox XC25 system for the majority of homeowners around the area. The XC25 is an extremely popular system with remarkable capability, and offers a level of precision that few other systems can even dream of matching.

The XC25 uses Lennox’s Precise Comfort® technology, which can set your temperatures to within half a degree, giving you the ability to control and maintain your comfort while using only the energy that’s necessary. When combined with the iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat, the XC25 can adapt its cooling settings to match your family’s routines and preferences, ensuring that after a while you never have to touch your thermostat ever again.

However, the XC25 is even smarter than that as well: using variable capacity and fan speeds, it can hold the temperature exactly where you want it and adjust everything based on the climate in your area. That means it’s constantly monitoring and self-adjusting to match the climate in your area to exactly the temperature and air quality you want.

Here are a few other reasons people are choosing the XC25 air conditioning system:

  • Supremely efficient: the XC25 family offers industry-leading SEER ratings as high as 26, which means you could save hundreds per year over a baseline 14-SEER system.
  • Solar-ready: Is your home powered by the natural energy of the sun? The XC25 is solar ready and can automatically be combined with solar roof modules in a SunSource® Home Energy System!
  • Humidity control: The XC25’s superior engineering allows it to remove 30% more humidity from the air than a conventional single-stage air conditioning unit. No more dealing with sweltering, stuffy temperatures during summer!
  • Tax incentives: You may qualify for federal and state tax credits thanks to the system’s ultra-efficient ratings, making the investment even more appealing!
  • Warranty: Lennox backs up their system with a full 10-year warranty on the compressor and all covered components to give you the protection you’re looking for, plus the peace of mind that comes with it.
If you want to learn more about installing the XC25 system in your home, talk to the team at Blair Heating and Air today by calling (760) 853-5027 and let our Palm Springs air conditioning experts consult with you on this technology!