Don't Throw Your Money Away This Summer!

The blistering temperatures of summer are here, and so is the potential to throw away money on your cooling costs. Palm Springs is no stranger to triple-digit temperatures, and that sends homeowners all around the area running for their thermostats to fire up their air conditioner and get relief from the heat. However, as a homeowner you shouldn’t ignore the condition of your air conditioning equipment; inefficient equipment can consume a lot of additional energy, and un-maintained equipment can lead to serious breakdowns which require expensive repairs.

Shawn Blair of Blair Heating & Air says "Proper care of cooling equipment can keep your unit running efficiently, which saves money and helps avoid costly repairs. Now is the time to make sure your cooling system will keep you cool without wasting your money."

What Un-Maintained Equipment Can Do

Most people think that just because their air conditioner turns on and works fine when they flip the switch that everything is in good working order. However, this isn’t always the case. A dirty air conditioner that hasn’t received attention from a Palm Springs HVAC professional for some time will not be anywhere near as efficient as one that receives annual attention and cleaning. Clean systems maximize the effectiveness of the heat-transfer process that makes an air conditioner work, and as a result work better than those that don’t receive attention, thus saving you money on energy costs.

Homeowners play a vital role in making sure their cooling systems operate at peak performance "A few minor steps are a small price to pay for the high efficiency, which means lower energy bills and improved total comfort," Blair said. And while it’s true that you should have a professional inspect and clean your system at least once per year, there are some things you can do to ensure your system continues to run properly and is the most effective it can be all year-round.

Here are a few simple things homeowners can do:

  • Trim brush and shrubbery near outdoor units back to a radius of at least three feet to prevent airflow obstruction
  • Sweep away grass clippings, leaves, and other debris to prevent them from getting clogged in your outdoor coil.
  • Inspect your indoor air filter every month, replacing it as necessary
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from your intake vent every month
  • Reduce clutter in attic to maintain proper ventilation and reduce the system's cooling load

Of course, these things are only small measures and it’s far more important that homeowners have their system professionally maintained by a trained Palm Springs HVAC technician. Blair stated: "The most effective steps consumers can take to help ensure they’ll get the efficiency they paid for is to contact an experienced, reputable air-conditioning contractor to check their system’s refrigerant charge and operating safety controls.”

Want to avoid throwing your money away to an inefficient and costly air conditioning system this summer? Pick up the phone and call Blair Heating and Air at (760) 853-5027 for a service estimate.