Four Space Heater Safety Tips

You sit around shivering while enjoying your evening television shows? Do you find that you need just a little extra heat in certain rooms of your home, like bedrooms or living areas? A space heater can solve this problem quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently.

However, while space heaters are popular purchases for homeowners, they do have their downsides, most notably that they can actually be rather dangerous. Space heaters often feature a metal grate on the front that gets extremely hot when the heater is operating, leading to serious risk of a burn injury. Likewise, if one of these heaters falls over or comes in contact with something flammable, it could start a fire that does tremendous damage to your home.

We’re not advising you against using space heaters—in fact, exactly the opposite. Space heaters are a tremendously effective way to get that little bit of extra heating help you need in certain rooms of your home. However, we also want to ensure that you stay safe while using them. Here are four valuable safety tips you should adhere to when using a space heater.

Never Leave a Heater Unattended

Unattended space heaters cause dozens, if not hundreds of house fires every single year. People who simply forget or don’t think twice about turning on a space heater and then leave it unattended by leaving the house or going to bed won’t be able to react if the heater overheats and catches fire or falls over on accident. If you’re using a space heater, always shut it off entirely before leaving the room.

Leave Space Around a Space Heater

Space heaters need room. Room to breathe, room to safely operate, and room to avoid coming into contact with anything on accident. Never block a heater, either in front where the heat is blown into the room, or behind where the heater pulls air through the heating elements, as this could also lead to overheating and potential danger. Finally, never allow anything that’s flammable within a three-foot radius of your heater, including things like rugs, carpets, furniture, and more.

Place Space Heaters on Level, Flat Floors

Space heaters that are placed on furniture like tables, chairs, or cabinets pose a risk of falling if they’re accidentally bumped, and a falling space heater could be extraordinarily dangerous. It could cause burn injuries, sparks, and even start a fire. Always place your space heater on a level, flat ground where the risk of it tipping over is at a minimum. Likewise, keep it out of normal walking paths in your home, as a space heater could pose a trip hazard.

Plug Space Heaters Directly Into the Wall

A space heater does draw a fair amount of current in order to produce the heat necessary to work properly. This means the plug that your heater uses will pull a fair amount of power, and you don’t want to risk overloading. Always plug a space heater directly into a wall—never plug them in to an extension cord or power strip, as they are sometimes built poorly and are prone to overheating when drawing too much current. Likewise, don’t plug anything else into that particular outlet while the heater is working.

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